Signature Dishes


Taste Our Signature Dishes

Spicy Assam Fish

A South East Asian cultural food familiar to most, our spicy assam fish has its taste of its own. The specially formulated assam sauce rich in spices has earned this dish a signature level after countless of good reviews and feedbacks.

Sesame Baked Honey Chicken

Succulent boneless chicken chop marinated, baked and glazed with our special sauce finished with sprinkles of sesame seeds that provides multiple health benefits, this dish leaves an unforgettable taste experience for your palate.

Fried Bean Curd with
“Chilli Crab” Sauce

Who says this tasty sauce can only be used on chilli crabs? We lay it over fried bean curd! Don’t be fooled by its simplicity, this local delight is an all time favourite.

Foodtalks Lo Han Chye

Also known as “Buddha’s Delight”, we use 8 vegetarian ingredients topped with “Fu Chuk” (knotted bean curd). Not just simply a mixed vegetable dish, our chefs need to capture the right timing to get to the right crunchiness. Using Beijing cabbage, we have created a traditional dish with a slight touch of a modern spin.

Foodtalks Laksa

Our head chef’s homemade laksa gravy formula produces a rich aroma that teases any laksa fan’s craving. A popular local delicacy, our Foodtalks Laksa taste smooth and flavorful, yet not too spicy.

Black Pepper Beef with Capsicum

These juicy succulent slices of beef are well-seasoned to suit all palates. Along with the black pepper sauce, it will sure fill your mouth with an exceptional taste. Capsicum adds texture to the dish to provide a crunchy bite!