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FoodTalks brings you the hallmarks of

  • Quality Food Personalised & Friendly Service
  • Professional Event Operation Management
  • Creative & Innovative
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Serving With An Excellent Varieties Of Dishes

You are not going to settle with any second option after you have tried our varieties of dishes. This will be an experience where we serve our best and quality food stuffs that will certainly melt in your mouth. We are greatly honored with our tradition and eating habits where all the Singaporeans are blending in a mixture of different tastes to become a new flavor. It is not about the normal 8 to 10 course meals but rather we serve as Buffet catering because we are more interested in serving you customized food options.


We cater to our guests with an efficient mechanism and great dedication so that they are fully satisfied with the food quality and our serving attitude. It does not matter where you sit in the gathering; our arrangement for the buffet will be superb so that you may eat out at the fullest and highest level of your belly and satisfaction.


In fact, Buffet catering in Singapore refers to an invitation or magical approach where people come to enjoy the festivities and events with the best varieties of dishes available. It will an awesome chance and opportunity to see and taste the rows of metal containers containing mouth watering dishes, fetching out great flavors to your taste buds.