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Standard Half-day Seminar Package

$20.00/Pax ($21.60 w/GST)

Morning OR Afternoon Coffee/Tea Break Bento & Lunch Bento #Please contact our Sales personnel should you require additional menus or wish to customise your menu. #Delivery $30 per trip or any additional surcharge (see T&Cs) will be calculated separately. #Prices are subjected to prevailing government tax.

9 Dishes, Minimum of 20 Pax

From 7:00pm-9:00am an extra surcharge of $20(before GST) applies and to be charged separately.

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Deluxe Full-day Seminar Package $28.00/Pax ($30.24 w/GST) 14 Dishes, min 20 Pax
Deluxe Half-day Seminar Package $24.00/Pax ($25.92 w/GST) 10 Dishes, min 20 Pax
Standard Full-day Seminar Package. $24.00/Pax ($25.92 w/GST) 12 Dishes, min 20 Pax

Package I: 1 Coffee/Tea Break & 1 Bento Lunch #Delivery charge applicable.

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Standard Half-day Seminar Package

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1. All prices & charges indicated are subjected to prevailing G.S.T (G.S.T Reg. No.: 201929277N).
2. During the festive season, the prices may be subjected to change without prior notice.
3. Food items listed in menus may be subjected to change due to availability.
4. Buffet comes with full table setup with warmers and skirting and full set of disposable wares.
5. Each bento order will be accompanied by disposable cutlery set with a serviette.
6. Transport charge is $60 ($64.80 w/GST) per trip for Buffet and $30 ($32.40 w/GST) per trip for bento/disposable Buffet.
7. An additional surcharge of S$30.00 ($32.40 w/GST) will be applicable if
a) Delivery is to Jurong Island
b) Delivery is before 9.00 am or after 7.00 pm
8. Additional surcharge between $60.00 to $100.00 will be applicable to Buffet Set up with no lift access
9. Food is best consumed within 3 hours after delivery (please refer to time stamping sign or label)
10. Payment:-
a) Cash or Crossed Cheque payable to "FOODTALKS CATERER & MANUFACTURER" upon delivery
b) PayNow to UEN: 53029450L
c) Credit Term (Subject to prior approval)
d) E-invoice via Vendor@GOV (based on 30 days’ credit term)
10. Cancellation Charges:-
a) Less than 03 days before event date: 30% of the invoice amount
b) 01 day before event date: 70% of the invoice amount
c) On actual event date: 100% of the invoice amount
11. Loss or Damage: Customer is responsible for the safekeeping of the buffet equipment. We reserve the right to charge or bill customers for any
losses or damage to our equipment or furniture at the site.


complies with Personal Data Protection Act 2012 (PDPA) of Singapore.

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